Rental Policy


Please read the contract in its entirety to ensure compliance with policy terms & agreement. All orders submitted via email, phone/text, website, and/or social media confirm customer’s agreement to below terms: Most rental rates are associated with designated location and drop-off/pick-up time. Self-pick-up & Drop offs are also available with the requirement of refundable security deposit and proof of identification. For deliveries and pick-Ups, extended time beyond initial pick-up time are available and may incur additional fees (See late fee)*. To request additional time, please call our office or contact your sale agent in advance.

Security Deposit:

All orders are subject to security deposits. Security Deposits are 50 percent of customers’ initial invoice total. Security deposits may be held to confirm reservations and/or for incidentals, and/or for alteration to orders. Security Deposits are refundable and will typically be refunded within 24 - 72 hours of pick-up/return time. 


All reservations are guaranteed with a down payment/Security Deposit. No reservation will be confirmed without a down payment/Security Deposit. Down payments are typically 50% of total invoice (including security deposit). No equipment is reserved without a down payment. Final payments for remaining balance are due prior to/or at drop-off time or self-pick-up time. EM agents will not initiate/discharge equipment without confirmation of balance payment. NO EXCEPTIONS.


We accept: Zelle, CashApp, ApplePay, debit card, and Credit Card. No Cash payment. Please note: all credit card transactions are subject to miniature transaction fees.  


Event Massah, LLC reserves the right to cancel any orders or accept cancellations at our discretion. Full refunds will be granted to orders cancelled four (4) days prior to scheduled delivery or Self- Pick-Up time. Orders cancelled within three (3) days of scheduled delivery/ Self- Pick-Up time are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Orders cancelled 24 hours or less are non-refundable. Adjustments to rental orders should be made two (2) days prior to the scheduled delivery date. If a customer postpones their event date due to inclement weather, Event Massah, LLC will make every effort to reschedule rental of same units on an alternate date within 90 days of initial delivery/self-pick-up time. If for some reason your second scheduled date needs to be rescheduled again, Event Massah, LLC reserves the right to cancel your order and your deposit will be forfeited. 

Late fee:

Drop-Off: Event Massah, LLC grants a 10-minute grace period to every scheduled dropped off time. If the receiving client or client representative is late past the grace period, there will be an additional charge of 0.50¢/minute. 

Pick-Up: Event Massah, LLC will grant a 10-minute grace period to every scheduled pick-up time. If the customer desires and requests more time, Event Massah, LLC has the right to extend or deny the additional time request. Any additional time past the grace period is subject to a charge of 0.50¢/minute.


A Security Deposit will be held for Incidentals. Renter or its Agent(s) must inspect all equipment at the time of the delivery/Self-Pick-Up and notify Event Massah agent(s) immediately of any missing or defective items. Renter assumes full responsibility for the care of the rented equipment from the time of self-pick-up/drop-off to the time of pick-up/Self-returned. Event Massah, LLC’s agent(s) must inspect all equipment at drop-off and pick-up. Renter agrees to full financial responsibility should rental equipment and/or any of its component’s parts be stolen, lost, damaged, or altered in any way. All equipment is to be used for its intended purpose ONLY. Missing or damaged items will be charged to customer’s account and credit card or deducted from the security deposit at replacement cost. 

By terms of the rental agreement, Event Massah, LLC is to be held harmless from any liability from use of the equipment. Event Massah, LLC is not responsible for accidents or injuries caused directly or indirectly in the use of rented items.


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